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It’s now been four months since Cesar was arrested for participating in the George Floyd protests and almost as long since the Vegas Freedom Fund started trying to secure his freedom. We’ve had constant delays and barriers thrown by both the district attorneys as well as Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) house arrest. The hardest part is not knowing if he’s going to be released the next day or not. Every day for the last seven weeks we’ve expected Cesar to be released. It’s a fresh wound every day, in addition to the harassment that he and his cellmate describe in this letter. – Roger Pharr, Mass Liberation Project

Update (9/9/20): As we were having a Mass Liberation Project organizing meeting, Cesar called Roger’s phone from inside CCDC. What follows is a recording of that conversation. Cesar mentions his take on the general situation between the people revolting and the police. He describes ‘bad cops’ as putting ‘good cops’ in a precarious situation because their misconduct has created so much distrust amongst the people who now don’t respect police in general. He also expresses how tyranny being exhibited by our so-called leaders creates more tyranny within the police force. Cesar goes on to explain some of the circumstances related to COVID-19.

Las Vegas, NV – GET THIS LETTER AND MY CELLY LETTER OUT TO NEWS ARTICLE LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL, LOCAL NEWS, EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.When I arrived [Clark County Detention Center] on May 29th, 2020, getting processed at booking I notice corrections officers were intimidating, mistreating me to face the wall aggressively, while the [corrections officer] pinning against the wall with his forearm in the back of neck. I felt scared and feared for my safety, thinking the C.O. was going to escalate it, [and] create a situation where the C.O.’s would have an opportunity to hurt me physically. I got housed at unit 7D on June 1st, 2020. Then on the following day, June 2nd, 2020, I went to court Dept. 7 case #20CR005256 and Dept. 10 cash 19M129804 [and] I got released on both cases on my own recognizance with [a] ((low)) ankle monitor, the house arrest program denied it.

[They] rebooked me on case#19M19982X on June 5th, 2020. I went back to court Dept JC10 Judge Melanie Tobiasson. She asked me why I remanded back. The clerk of the court said the house arrest program denied it. Judge Tobiasson got upset and said “You’re getting out today,” so the judge set another order out. On or about June 6th, 2020 with a smile on his face, handed me a sheet of paper realizing it was a rebooking sheet of a Grand Jury indictment.

That just crumbled my whole world apart knowing that the LVMPD really is out there for blood, revenge and retaliation.

So I was released. I had a mental breakdown, started shedding tears, emotionally distressed, worrying the LVMPD wants to ‘hang me.’ The few days I was housed at unit 7D, C.O.s would come to my cell door while I was sleeping startled me to scare me by banging on the door or kick my door while they would do there every 30 minutes room check. And also different C.O.s would come up to my cell door, tell me that I’m famous with the LVMPD, and would laugh at me, even would say they wanted to get me ‘sooo bad’. But the way he said with his of voice and body language meant like the LVMPD really wanted to physically hurt me without remorse. I will never forget it.

His eyes looked like full of hate and anger.

So I felt so scared and [feared] for my safety while at CCDC.

I have never felt so scared or even [feared] for my safety the times I would go to CCDC. At times when C.O.s would pass out the food trays at my cell door I can see the C.O. body language, physiology and demeanor intimidating me would look at me full of hate! And revenge and anger. I would have trouble sleeping at night knowing that the C.O.s are capable of coming into my cell room mind would play tricks on me. I would jump in my sleep if I hear a door open, and this would go on for a few days. When C.Os would transport me to court they would intimidate me look up and down at me like they really ready to do combat on me. I even wouldn’t eat my food at times because of the fear, stress, worrying and emotional distress knowing that my freedom is on hold, praying to God to protect me that I wouldn’t be killed by the hands of LVMPD in CCDC. The [psychological] services would come each day to ask everyone in the unit if they need help with mental issues or distress. I would deny it – the reason why cause I know I can remain strong and God would give me the strength to go through this all by myself.

Well I left that unit and I transferred to another unit in CCDC. And I ended up with a celly when I was in the other unit I didn’t have a celly. At times I wouldn’t talk to my celly because I would be soooo stressed out, worrying too much of what was going to happen to me. But when I started to talk to my celly name is Justin Silva. He would ask me why but I really couldn’t go into details of why because my
case is still open but I would tell him when I was out there ‘free’ I would record LVMPD encounters with citizens like traffic stops or LV cops would stop someone for jaywalking making sure LV cops don’t violate citizens’ civil rights and these cops would need to be held accountable of their actions so LV cops never liked me recording them so they took it personal.

I have a lot of videos, interaction on my cellphone right now of me: police interactions, mistreating me, intimidating me, disrespecting me, et cetera…

I would tell my celly Justin Silva #8170081 that LVMPD don’t like – they hate me, detest me, they are very revengeful, vindictive people and everyday I would tell him this he would see me all the time emotionally distressed, very sad because I’m in this all by myself with no support or help! All my family
are in California and they really can’t do anything for me but pray to God!!!

To protect me and keep me safe! I’m hoping someone actually heard my cries and prayers a gentleman by the name of Roger Pharr came into my life. I was truly blessed by all the support, help and love! That I wasn’t in this by myself I thank him (Roger) and his whole organization. So anyways I eventually got my celly Justin Silva #8170081 to really believe what I was saying about LVMPD – [that they are] out for blood to really hang me and take my freedom away! When the C.O. called us out of our cell room both of us and other inmates we didn’t know where we were going, this was on July 9, 2020 while we were going to our destination my celly Justin was walking behind me the transporting C.O. called out “Who is Corrales?”and I turned around and said, “It’s me,” and I asked the C.O., “Why you called my name?”

He responded that he knew who I was and he and everyone in the department saw my video and also he said that he wanted to get me sooo bad on that day but other officers got to me before he did but the officer injured my face and body. You can clearly see it in my arresting mugshot! I turned to my celly, Justin, and whispered to him ‘Do you now believe me?’

He said, “Yes.”

My celly is my direct evidence of how LVMPD don’t like me. They hate me and detest me. LVMPD are the domestic terrorist; they are the real criminals with badges, they are the organized crime! Please believe me!!

What they are doing to me is injustice out of pure retaliation. I want my voice to be heard in every news article by the Las Vegas Review Journal, local news media. Let them know my freedom is on hold. They are doing whatever it takes to keep me in here like I’m a monster or a terrorist when they are – LVMPD.


Don’t let Las Vegas Police Department win.

They are the criminals and domestic terrorists!!




But even when I got moved to a different unit, [I] really thought and honestly the intimidation, don’t really mess [with] me to get a negative reaction out of me, the C.O.’s would still come and mess with me. This is reality, makes my safety bad — so make my voice and my celly, Justin Silva’s voice heard. Make sure it gets to everyone get this letter out please I want my ‘freedom back’.


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